Details on Trigger Mode in VideoIn (DShow9)


I’m very interested what the “Trigger Mode” on VideoIn (DShow9) actually is supposed to do.

I’m trying to use a Logitech HD Pro C920 webcam to shoot some still pictures and use them inside an application. Easiest task ever. However, the little Intel Nuc Machine doesn’t have too much computing power so I’m looking for the best possible performance situation with the live VideoIn, to get smooth animation.

If I keep the VideoIn enabled all the time, the framerate is a bit cheezy, even if I wait for every 4th frame or so…
Enabling the VideoIn just for the still captures seems a bit shaky in general… also not perfect.

“Trigger Mode” sounds very promising, but (at least with my specific webcam) it doesn’t seem to do what I thought it would… This needs to be supported inside the webcam driver, right?

Can anyone provide some specific information how to use the Trigger mode in VideoIn?

indeed you’d first need a camera that supports this feature and i don’t see a way inside vvvv to check if your cam does. here is the official info on triggermode.