Descriptive Names on Modules and Nodes Update Issue

I’ve noticed in beta29 x86 if you name a module or node, the name isnt updated correctly in the patch window, you have to move or resize it, otherwise you have |quad| firstname | second name rather than just |quad| second name for example…

ai cat, more details please, i am not sure what you’re talking about

exact steps to reproduce please.

give a descriptive name to a module or node
change that name
1st name stays with second name appended, on resize or move, name changes to second name.
Also in ui bugs,
in the inspector where you should have > or >> to denote a value is spreaded, the column is a blank dark grey until you click on where the >> should be, when it updates, mostly noticed on transforms, some times the >> will stay when you click another pin, mostly you can only see the one that is clicked on.

Another ui thing…
If you clone an effect etc, and the node is being created toward the bottom of the screen, it’s possible to have the clone button below the task bar, enter doesn’t work to close and clone and you cant move he window as its or no title bar to grab, only solution is to escape and click higher up the screen to allow the window room to open.

oui, fixed for latest alpha:

  • descriptive name renaming
  • clonepanel out of screen (now has a scrollbar when applicable)

the inspector slicecount indicator drawing problem…is that only on win8 or win7 with aero? because here it is not. please start a new thread for this one.