i would like to konw if there is a depth node for the camere and not only for the kinect.


Hi Ciso,
i think no one has answered to your question because your question indicate that you are so lazy to take a look in the net about this question and googleing about it, so the non answering is seomthing like a punishment for your too much innocent question :))))

the short answer is NO.

the long answer is a question. If every camera could do depth, why microsoft has to go out with kinect? and why all this success? with a very little logic process the answer is already clear :)

for a longer answer, there’s other ways to calculate depthmap of a scene, the most famous (before kinect) was stereoscopy (so 2 cameras, and a lot of calculation about disparities and so on).
but speaking about the present, there’s nothing better than kinect (or similar prime sensors, like xtion) to achieve the depth of a scene

@screamer: well there could be a 120hz IR filtered projector and a 60fps hd IR camera synced together is better but 10 times more expensive:D

thanks so much screamer , after time i will search better on the web,
thank also for teaching about depth…