Depth of field ignores parts of objects

hi all,

I have a stride scene with alpha textures on planes and a sphere in the background. (large text renders after scene) When I activate DOF it seems to ignore my planes in the area in front of the sphere.

I also found this thread, but I believe gegenlicht has a different problem.

If I switch to quadrenderer I get z sorting problems, so I have to stick with the stride pipeline. Is this something that can be corrected?

Unfortunately, this will not work, because DOF is a screen space effect, it only has the information of the final output, it doesn’t know of individual objects. the blur strength is then computed from the depth buffer. and since the sphere writes into the depth buffer, the value is different there.

so you have to build your own blur control mask based on the objects and control a blur texture effect with it. or render two scene textures and compose them together based on a mask or values in the depth buffer or so.

Ah you can do that with custom graphics compositor, but I’m not sure if you can import one as asset from stride ;/

Basically there is this render groups witch are already a render masks, but then you have to route them… You can look on links from this thread: Multiple camera with Render groups and masks - #7 by antokhio

Just noticed there is a Render Group Mask pin on Scene Window, @tonfilm any clue what you can connect to it?

have a look at the “Select What to Render Using Render Groups” help patch.

But how would you solve it with render groups?

I guess you have to exclude sphere or text from DoF.
With graphics compositor i think you should be able to run DoF per render group, hover I’m not sure if DoF on 2d textured quad is possible unless it’s alpha to coverage or discard…

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