Depth buffer on Writer (EX9.Texture)

I’m not getting a depth buffer on the Writer texture node
i’ve set depth buffer for both windowed and fullscreen on the above renderer

anti-aliasing does seem to work

am i right in saying that the depthbuffer settings for a DX9Texture node are generally taken from the downstream render


Scene A > Renderer A > DX9Texture > Scene B > Renderer B

in this situation, the depth buffer + anti-aliasing settings are taken from renderer B rather than renderer A

Or (another possibility):
if Renderer B is fullscreen, then it takes the fullscreen settings of Renderer A (and if windowed, takes windowed)

if this is true, then i’m curious how the paradigm applies to Pipet and Writer

the DX9Texture (EX9.Texture) always takes settings from the renderer connected upstream. if the renderer is fullscreen, its fullscreen settings are taken, else its windowed settings.

have you checked tty? does it probably report out of memory? this could be the reason for a missing depthbuffer.

else let us see a simple patch please.