DeNiro with given time

Hallo fellows!

stupid question, how can I set the “Acceleration” value for DeNiro, in order to let the output arrive to the position in a given time?

let’s say, as example, I wanna go from 0 to 7 in 2 sec. (let’s say, with “Constant Drive”=0.40 and “Max Velocity” = 9999)

Hello Luper!

Coming here asking stupid questions is what I like… ;)

Sorrily it is not thaat easy. But I was able to come up with some math for the case

  • that the filter is currently resting (current velocity = 0)
  • and I also ignored the Max Velocity, assuming there is none (2.0 KB)

The actual math behind DeNiro is a bit more complicated because of the two bullet points…
But I hope this helps already!

Sorry for the delay.

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