Demolition Media Hap Player - Looping doesn't work correctly with Vsync enabled

When Vsync is enabled looping stutters at the end/beginning of the loop. The player seems to skip at least one frame.
I tried different enconding options using quicktime, ffmpeg and virtualdub (hap, hap_q, different number of chunks etc.) the result is always the same.
50beta35.8, latest DX11 and Hap Player release.

Here are some of the test files:

01_HapVideoPlayback.v4p (19.0 KB)

Could be related to this:

We are currently developing some exhibits and are therefore evaluating the hap player. So far it unfortunately seems unusable in all our use cases. Even now just playing back one background video in a continuous loop…

@lev I guess

the last frame is identical to the first frame in this example … but it should be just the one before the first, no? like this it stops for one frame …

Plays ok when vsynk is disabled. Also using single frames and texture player. But maybe the looping behavior is different there. To be honest I wasn’t as thorough as to check the file frame by frame.

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