Deleting Points

Dont know if this will work or not, but I’d like to delete points from a dynamic mesh, if they’re z=-20 say,
Is there anyway to delete individual slices from a spread?
Would this be wise anyway?
Im kind of looking for some fucked up effects from this, currently Im useing a less than and a switch I just wont to get rid of all the gubbins going backwards!


o yeah i’ve tried perspective culling, but its not quite what Im looking for, I really wont the points vanished!

don’t know, if it’s a good idea to delete these points, maybe it completely messes up your mesh.
maybe you can use this


(sorry, posted the wrong link…)

I want it a bit fucked : )
The other way to do it would be to only build the mesh out of points that have already been ok’d by the >, but how do you get the indices right?
I’ve been using a grid mesh and deforming it via a cross with linear spread for x y coordinates then another input for the z distortion, I want to get rid of any bits of the grid that dont deform essentially leaving just an extrusion.
I’ll try and post a simple example!

(and I’ll check out the clone too!)