Delay in WavePlayer-Node? Surround-Sound with FileStream?

hey guyyyys,

i noticed a short delay in the WavePlayer-Node (in beta 24.1) when pressing the “Do Seek”. There are something about maybe 200ms between hitting the key and hearing the sound…? Thats really long, I need it directly…

The FileStream-Node would do it alright, but I can’t get the (mono-)sound on different channels on my surround-card, can I?

Did you have same problems or do u know any solutions?

thanxxxx very much from germany, julez


I know this is a two years thread, but I noticed the same problem on the beta31.2 .

Is there any tips to solve this ?

Thanks by advance.

have you tried all the audio file playback options? probably one of them suits your needs.

Hi joreg,

Thanks for you quick reply, I was busy this week but I finally tested all the audio file playback option, and filestream irrklang is the node I needed !