Delay audio lines

Hey there,

i want to “store” / delay the audiosignal in the lines that are spreaded in the z axis.
lets say 10 spreaded audiolines and every line has a “audio delay” of 10ms to its predecessor so that it seems as the audio is moving to the back. Like in a 3dimensional FFT:

i thought of the delay-node but i cant get it to work. all i can delay are the values that come from the vector of the audio signal but not the the spreaded lines.

does someone have a clue?

thanks for the help :)

delay lines.v4p (26.8 KB)

like this?


awesome! looks like this will work.
only thing is that the lines are really stored and not keep moving until they reach the end.

is there a way to keep them moving?

or this old music 3d patch?

try to replace the Queue with a RingBuffer (Value) (by doubleclicking on it and typing ringbuffer).

don’t forget to reconnect the big toggle above (the Insert pin is now called Set, making an easy replacement harder).

your patch is missing the Queue node:

delay lines.v4p (32.0 KB)

yes, use ringbuffer instead of queue if you just want to update the values and not shift them in space.

thanks very much!!!

Hi, i,m trying to open the pacth but i see some red boxes. Do I have to download other packs?
thanx for help


Looks to me like you are missing vaudio pack.

You will need an Asio driver too.

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