Deform cylinder mesh

I would like to flatten a cylinder mesh with a texture at a certain event. I tried several ways and got stuck. Always my mesh isnt deformed properly and by this the texture is somehow stretched.
Is there a solution to deform it in a way, that the cylinder is flattened and the texture isn’t deformed?
I attached a patch to show my prblem.

flattten_cylinder.v4p (9.0 kB)

when looking at the wireframe of your cylinder, you can see that the vertices of the cylinder are not evenly spaced when flattened, which is most likely the cause for the stretching. you could try to compensate for this in two ways:

  • either squish the texture coordinates of the mesh in an opposite manner (so that the texture appears correct) with a texture transform, or
  • instead of just flattening the cylinder, you could do a geometry morph between a cylinder and a grid (with the same amount of vertices), the latter of which being a generally nice, evenly spaced texture-friendly type of mesh.

Thanks, I did the geometry morph tutorial. Nice one. Now, it works fine.