Deform 3D

Hi vvvvolks,
For a live performance I need to build a patch similar to grrrrid (found in girlpower), but instead of using a plane grid I want to use a spherical grid. I started fromm the grrrrid patch to make my own and I changed almost nothing to it, but the only result I get is a quad grid with strangely distorted borders, not a nice sphere with animated pikes. Can anyone help me?


try morphing between some vertices of spheres of different scale.

in the grid patch between the cross node and the arbitry transform node create a cartesian node .
create 2 linear spread and connect them to the cross node instead of using only one for the 2 input,
set the with of the first linearspread at 1 and the second one at 0,5.
and connect the fft > damper to the lenght of the cartesian node

That´s should do the job .

Yeah! Groovy boy, that’s exactly what I need!
Thanx lot Sanch!

Oh, another little question. For the same project I want to create kind of tentacles; can you tell me what nodes do I need to bend a cylinder?

Thanx again people

have a look in vvvv_beta9.10\girlpower+ Dynamic Mesh
dynamic tornado.v4p, it´s a kind of tentacle , try to tweak the parameter , especially the exp node.

Ok, Sanch. I can’t see the exp node but I’m going to mess around with parameters anyway. I’ll find!

Thanx a lot for taking the time to help me, and keep doing your stuff, you’re the one!

oh , so that´s should be the power node or the log node who give the exponential mesh…