Definitive answer to flash and VVVV...?

Trying to get a SWF with some AS3 buttons into VVVV on a transparent background. I realise there are lots of threads on this and lots of info.

However - I wondered if someone could give me a quick definitive rundown on the best way to do it and what versions to go with. I’ve had a really frustrating few hours being pulled in different directions by loads of old threads and had no success. I may be of course just being stupid…

My 2 main stumbling points are:

  1. Is it right that the flash renderer does not support transparency (as per ((renderer (flash))))) Also - what versions of Flash activeX are most reliable to use with this node, particularly for passing variables. Do I still need to uninstall the latest version of flash to make it work?!

2)If I run an HTML page with flash content using the HTML texturer node - is there a specific version of the flash plugin I need to have? I keep getting plugin not found see attached patch.

Patch with HTML texture (5.2 kB)

to 2):
make sure you actually have Flash installed. If you normally use Chrome, that comes bundled with a Flash version, so you don’t have Flash installed system-wide. Go to the flash player download page using another browser (e.g. firefox) and install it.

also check this thread: forum-alpha/html-texture-transparent-background

Thanks Guys.
For ref this is the link to the latest offline flash player installers:
With Windows 8 - I couldn’t seem to upgrade via a browser so I had to go offline.
So, I’ve got Flash with transparency in an HTML texture in VVVV. I noticed in the comments on: htmltexture-(ex9.texture) the answer to the question “will there be any chance of pulling out JavaScript variables in the future?” was “Yes there will be”. I think that would be the final link in the chain for me. In the meantime I might look at using XML sockets to pass around data.

Just to go back to 1) in my original question - I’ll carry on trying to make the Flash Renderer work with some AS3 vars and using a shader to do the transparency as discussed here:

If someone could point me towards a shader that will do the job that would be even better. I’ll post back here if I get a solution working. Cheers.