Define regions on spread

Hello vvvvepole.
I have quick question how to define regions on spread?
I need to define two dynamic regions like this:

Possible they are mirrored to the center of screen.

*Patch I started attached.

ant-pipet.v4p (9.1 kB)

hey antokhio,

i am very sure that GridPick (2d) and GridSplit (2d) give you an idea how to do this.

Still can’t understand how to connect GridPick and GridSplit to pipet… Look’s like it’s about finding width and hight to 1.

Hehe i did it, with three linear spreads one cons and one cross, ow the correct answer was so simple i could’t even imagine )))
However frame difference don’t responding correct. So i’m still need someone to take a look ) But i can be bit proud of myself.

ant-pipet.v4p (43.9 kB)

i was sure that you get it yourself.

ok, some rants from me:

  • a user without a cam can’t test with your video in.
    +i found a way to reference a video which should be contained in xp. well, i don’t if this works with any XP versions others than german? feedback, please. same with vista, i’m curious…
  • FrameDifference (Animation) outputs ‘small’ values like -0.0017 or so, but the Threshold on any nodes of the category Boolean (like the OR (Boolean Spectral) you used) need at least 0.5000 to be “HI” . so you have to check if you are different from 0.0000. see patch.
  • i assume/expect that the pixels you compare ‘spectral’ are not sorted the way you want them to be sorted. why? experience. if they are, be glad. in any case have a look at SwapDim (Spreads) , which often is very useful in situations like yours.
    +see user tutorials, i think there is also one dealing with SwapDim (Spreads)

ant-pipet.v4p (55.9 kB)

you may be interested in WebCam (Watchdog).v4p contained in the attached zip.
also makes use of framedifference to detect sudden motion in a texture.

have to finish this and upload to kalle.Patches some day…
“as is”… (310.6 kB)

btw. i found clock avi in windows rootdir

Strange i think i deleted my replay?
That’s really really strange.

  1. Don’t have this .wmv file, but i have clock.avi in win rootdir
  2. I’m testing in night-vision mode so difference is great!
  3. SwapDim actually helped, i think the problem was with sorting.

I found the problem that if i rise resolution to 720X576 the preview don’t work anymore, and also the frame difference. Gonna try to fix that up… Any nice idea?

I think i messed up somewhere, i’ll try to remake that module, cause on the original version it’s ok to rise res…

It was YUV Mixing Mode…