Default Values on certain Nodes

Hi All

there are a couple of nodes that I constantly find myself changing the default values to something else and almost every time the same values.

My suggestions would be:

VideoIn (DShow9): 25fps, width/height= 320/240. My suggestion 30fps, 640/480 I mostly use it with the webcam in my laptop.

Midinodes, buffer = 10 and enabled = 0. it should be buffer = 0 and enabled = 1

VideoTexture nodes. Wait for every N’th frame = 1, I always change it to 0 to have faster frame rate on generated content.

just my thoughts

Hey Sune,
you definitely hit a spot here.

i agree completely regarding midinodes buffer size.
but i don’t think that you will find a global consense about some node’s pin’s dafult values here.

but shouldn’t there be some fancy solution to

*set all pins of a node to your personal flavour
*press a really weird shortcut
*now your personal custom defaults are written into some default.xml

vvvv parses default.xml on startup
default.xml is placed in a folder like “personal” or “custom” where you can place everything you did to individualize your vvvv-version

if there is a new release, you just have to copy that folder into your new release.

that somehow goes a similar direction like patchlets.

this default.xml could also store node usage statistics, and this data can be used to form quicknode list(s), providing most often used nodes for fast access