Decklink video input slow in complex patch

Hi All

I am using Elliots decklink nodes vvvv.nodes.decklink to get pal video into my performance patch which is quite complex.

running pal video into my Intesity Shuttle works excelent in the help patch, super smooth (as smooth as pal gets).

When I add the video in my complex patch, the frame rate on the video coming in is super slow, but the patch itself run nicely along at around 60fps.

I am quite puzzled about this one.

As a workaround you could try to use a dedicated instance for capturing and then share the texture with your “main-instance”. This will of course introduce more latency.

I have thought about that, but the decklink nodes does not work with dx9ex so sharing textures is not an option :(

oh forgot about that.

using dx11 (assuming the sharing is working here) instead is not an option?

there are no Decklink drivers for DX11
Texture sharing is only an option if I don’t figure out why I get such a “slow” input, it should be super fluid, the patch is running fine at 60fps and the input looks fine in the help patch also at 60fps.

I know I should post an example, but it is quite complex so I wouldn’t, I will try to make an example if possible

hopefully Vux wont mind me sharing this. I think it was meant to make it into the release

edit - not tested in most recent vvvversion

decklink-dx11.rar (33.7 kB)

nice one.

ot: that decklink nodes will work with this “DeckLink Mini Recorder” card and intensity usb models?

not sure. Vux ported the above plugin from Elliot’s original I believe. That one supported a few of the cards.

I am using the original one with a USB intensity shuttle, it works great, but the intensity is very picky about which USB3 drivers the motherboard has… or perhaps some driver update fixed that? so make sure your computer is compatible with the interface.

regarding the DX11 drivers, it’s cool, but my big complex patch is DX9, so I still need to get it working in DX9 somehow.

as far as i remember the decklink (ex9) was working with texture sharing
beta31.2 + a compiled imagepack (January 2014) (15.9 kB)

Is there a x64 compatible version?

Of the dx11 Decklink Patch of course :-)