Debugging VVVV plugins with VS 2017

this is what I get when I want to debug my plugins with VS 2017 and I hit a breakpoint on plain vvvv newest alpha (35.6) (+ my plugin obviously) all the time. Turning off property evaluation doesn’t help, it still times out. I had no such problem with VS 2015 so MS clearly changed something there but you can’t download VS 2015 anymore. this doesn’t occur during debugging more simple software like vpm. devvvvs, do you have some idea where it can come from?
Maybe the easiest way to reproduce it is opening a dynamic plugin in VS 2017, set a breakpoint somewhere and attach to vvvv.

yea i’ve been running across this also prolly @vux can help us…

what we saw on the first test is that VS 2017 seems to be very unfinished and it doesn’t work for bigger projects, for now i would not use it. VS 2015 community works perfectly and you can still download it on many internet platforms as well as from here:

yeah problem there with MSDN account thing you need to go through all sorts of links, menus lists and other shit before you end up with the proper list where you have to scroll through hundreds of items to find an actual Visual Studio 2015 package. The first one I downloaded which I thought is the freshest after installation were refuse to start up on a fresh virgin windows install so I went back to that unsortable unsearchable list where items are not ordered by any apparent logic to find update 2 installer miles away from update one and that decided to work though.
So yeah Microsoft doesn’t put too much emphasis on the fact that VS 2015 existed in the past at all.

yep MS nightmare! if you succeed and find the VS community 2015 working version they should offer you a brand new windowsphone

it got a bit better with vs 2017 release 15.5.1 (Dezember 2017)

also enabling Use Managed Compatibility Mode helps a bit

@Elias fixed this in latest alpha, woohoo!

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