Dealing with multiple network adaptors?

Is there a way to force VVVV to use a specific network adapter?
I use the DMX (artnet) module all the time, but find that I can only make it work if I have disabled ALL other network adapters in windows (ie. disable secondary lan connection, 3g, wifi, bluetooth, etc.).
This is obviously very inconvenient and limiting.
I’m guessing there must be a way around this?

If you manually set the ip of the card to 2.x.x.x it should automatically be used, I’ve never had a problem anyway! Your not using vista are you, as I have heard of network issues with it?

Yes, the IP address is set
and yes, I am using Vista :(
Have you heard of any solutions to those Vista network issues?

hhhm, i don’t have to disable wifi and i use IPs in 192.168.x.x range without problems.

only firewalls have to be opened for vvvv and the PC has to be connected to a switch/2nd PC to make ArtNet work.

so in a train i can’t use ArtNet…

Hmm not looked at vista yet, but some people at node got artnet
working with vista, I think there is some kind of patch or update to sort out the networking, but I’m afraid I know no more that that!
I’d think about “upgrading” to xp if I were you Dominic!

@Kalle, I remember having artnet work without the 2 adddress, but last time I tried it didnt, and really shouldn’t, the specs specify 2. or 10. as the only supported ip’s…

hi guys !
you CAN T use wifi and lan connection at same time !
it will not work !

there is 2 ways to process:
-or, on your local network, you set the ip of the art-net device to be included inside your network ( 192.168.1.what you want) as kalle did

-or you want artnet to work alone, so all your network is set to 2.what u want. but this 2. adress is just an option and is not necessary if you can configure your artnet device ( ODE enttec for example)

but you will still need to make a choice for your network: using wifi OR Lan connexion and settings.

notice that in a train it cant work because artnet specs KILLS/DISABLES any internet access, to avoid disturbance from internet and outside. ( i pass 2 or 3 days to understand this one)

catweasel: to make it work on LAN, just cut or disable you wifi connexion.
you may work on a WAN network, but without internet acces.

i am able to have internet access and to use artnet simultaneuosly.

what i meant with “no artnet in train” was:

my LANadapter has to be connected to some device to make the DMX (Network Artnet Sender) and DMX (Network Artnet Receiver) work.
even if it is a switch without any other pc connected to it.

i am able to have internet access and to use artnet simultaneuosly.

? you can ? hum… because i cant… also with vvvv

are your wifi ID and LAN ID different networks adresses ? ( 192.168.1. something and 127.0.1. elsething ?)

This is definitely a windows Vista thing, as the same patch will work perfectly on an XP laptop, with simultaneous network connections (internet via wifi or LAN, etc).

hum… are you running with adminitrator rights on vvvv ?
i m not under vista ( thanks my god !) but some users of my schwz sometimes fight this strange things: they need to authorize fully the app, to make it work.

@kalle: thks, you have pointed to me a very bad config of my network !

It could also depend on the computer.
Some just won’t allow both wireless and wired to work at the same time.
Other have that “feature” but can be disabled in BIOS.

@Karistouf: admin rights doesn’t make any difference to this problem.

Some of the other DMX software I run on my PC (eg. ecue’s video system manager) have a config page within the program that is there specifically for Windows Vista so that you can explicitly tell the program which network adapter to use. It seems like a siimar config setting in VVVV could solve all the problems. Would this be possible?

have you specified a passerelle adress ( see snapshot here) ?
its the third line.
if yes, do not. it may be confuse with your other network adaptor adress.

Some just won’t allow both wireless and wired to work at the same time.

thanks to kalle to have pointed to me my error by the fatal argument of artnet and wifiing at the same time.
Now i have different network identifier on my wifi and ethernet network. They should not be same ( and for example) not to conflict, and passerelle is not affected

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