Deal with two firewire cam on same pc

Hello vvvvboys merry xmas and happy new year in a few days
just tried to deal with two firewire cam on same pc.
I can see “microdoft DV camera and VCR” and “microdoft DV camera and VCR #2” but only the first enabled cam send video.
Does anybody try to do that ?
Is it a windows relative or drivers problem, vvvv bug ?
thanks in advance

hm. not tried with firewire but with two usb-cams. and that worked. could be a problem with two cameras sharing one firewirebus.

on winxp you can usually see connected cameras in the explorer. can you have both running at the same time there in two instances of explorer?

if so…we might have a bug.

thanks joreg but…
i’ve tried and there is no problem with both camera it works fine within two instance of explorer.
So may be a bug or misconfiguration in my patch. wait for the future.

Just find a way to do that .
one of my camera can work with usb so 1 usb + 1 iee1394 works fine at the same time in vvvv, so i can manage now two video in dv camera, cool…