Dds videoplayer


it is posible to play a dds videostream (dds picture sequenz).

thanks for your support

of course you can skip through a pile of .dds files as you can do with all other graphic formats.

just put a spread of filenames in the filetexture node and access the individual slices one after another via GetSlice (Node).

you may also want to read on preloading textures.

thanks for your responce

i would like generate a videostream (dds.framesequenz) of 30 fps, is a the LFO(Animation) node a good solution for the control/timing.

yes, LFO is a good solution. create a MainLoop node and set it to filtered.
the LFO will keep its timing, even if the frame rate varies. alternatively you can use Counter, which will present exact one texture per vvvv frame. but as video playback speed is then dependent on vvvvs frame rate this should be avoided.