Dds Image sequence - just black

Hi, Im new to vvvv.

I have a patch running with

Player (EX9.Texture Timebased)

It works fine using a jpeg sequence But I want an alpha channel sequence- from what I can gather dds is the only way to do this in VVVV.

So I created a dds Image sequence with this tool - dds-converter

I can see the dds files fine in windows

But when I select the dds Directory the Render screen is just black.

Am I missing something?

I think there is a bug in that patch as it always runs negative numbers with dds

but if I just use The basic Player and control it manually its fine


you can also use png

Most stupid question: did you change Filemask to find your dds files? Note that default value is *.jpg.

The most stupid question wins - it was the file filter. oops

Also is there are performance difference between dds and png?

Yes, graphics.

DDS loads extremely fast because there is no CPU decompression required, PNG has smaller file size on disc and lossless image quality but can be rather slow to load.