DDS DXT1 on Intel HD 5000


I have a question about the performance with DDS DXT1 textures. I want to play DDS sequences (30fps) of more then 20GB files in total (2x 1080p).

I want to put it in a very small pc (because of space issue). Is it possible to use a NUC PC with i5-4250U and Intel HD5000, 16 GB ram, 120 GB SSD? I have two fullscreen renderer with full-hd resolution (two full-hd displays pluged into the NUC System).

I dont know how the DDS files are handled. Is the HD5000 enough, with the ram and SSD? Or any other suggestions for the hardware (small als possible)?



DXT1 is a compression format which gets decompressed on the graphics card, the CPU side only has to move the data to the card. it is not very expensive, so i think the HD5000 will handle 2x FullHD decompression without any problems. and the SSD + i5 will also not have any problems with moving the data to the graphics card.

16GB ram sounds quite over sized though… the files will go from HDD to the card and only a few images have to be cached in the RAM (depends on the setting of the Player node), so 4GB should be enough…