DDS and cube mapping

I’ve just started messing with cube maps and DDS textures, the cube cross writer’s textures dont appear to work as cube maps when used as textures in vvvv, is there any way around this?
I presume you used realtime cube mapping with spin, is that right, or how did you do it?!?



right. cross cubemaps don’t directly work with vvvv. you’ll need atis CubeMapGen to convert them into ordinary cubemaps.

“realtime cube mapping with spin”
ja. kind of…but all patched by hand. there is no extra node for this.

1st render step: virtual space
first we rendered the scene from a certain point of view into each direction (north, south, west, east).

2nd render step: installation space
we used these textures and projected them onto a four parts of a sphere in a way that no distortion is visible when filming from the center of the sphere.
then we placed the “virtual beamers” around the sphere and filmed the sphere.

Ok, I thought cubemaps would simplfy things, especially as it appeared around the time of spin, obviously a red herring…!
Back to mapping in max then!


(by the way have you checked my progress on 2 threads? I encountered a awkward situation with fullscreen renderers, and was wondering if its feasable to fix??)

does somebody around here know if there is a somehow usable solution to generate a realtime dynamic cubetexture
(eg.: Renderer with DX9 texture , DynamicTexture) and feed this into render objects?

Would be great!!

i readed this post now, anoyone finded a way to create realtime cube maps in vvvv? i saw that dx9texture has the “texture type” property in the inspector, but it doesn’t go at all :(

Cube and Volume textures can be generated in DX 10 and PS 4.0

live dds texture
create dds tex
and this one above

did i miss anything?

nothing happened?