Database(MySQL) & win7

i’ve got a problem with the Database (MySQL Networking) node.
When running vvvv on WinXP everything is fine. But every connection trial on Win7 ends up with the error coming from the DB: ‘Integer overflow’. I’m not using any MySQL expressions in the DB.
May be someone ran into the same issue?

Which MySQL version do you use?
Are you using the same version on both systems?
Are the databases setup differently (default character set, authentication etc.)?
Are your Windows systems 32 or 64 bit?

I’m using MySQL v. 5.1.41
there’s only one database i’m accessing, so there are no differences (it’s configured to allow access from other machines in the local network).
I was trying with winXP 32 bit and Win7 Home 64 bit.

I had to degrade to vvvv v.40 beta 21 in order to get a connection on Win7.

fixed for betas >23

For now you could try to set up your db with an anonymous account,
so that you don´t have to provide an username & password in vvvv,
but I am not sure if this will work.

i stumbled over a related strange behavior:
if i connect to my mysql on localhost with no password set, everything is allright (even from remote). but if i use any password (what is appreciated) i get the “integer overflow”.

tested on 2 machines, both on WinXP, mysql 5.1.41 & 5.1.31, beta23

is this the same error… and so fixed for betas > 23, too?

Database (MySQL Network) (this on for the backlinks)