Database and vvvv 2.7

Hi vvvv Heros :)

Once again I’m looking for Superman to save me (and save others who will have the same problem)!

It’s about the Database node :

With vvvv 2.6 - I can have a nice connexion to my local database.
With the same patch in vvvv 2.7 - The output pin “connected” blink. The connexion is unstable…

Thanks for you help,

ai, can you be more specific as to which database nodes you’re using?

(Sorry I was not login for my first post)

Thanks Joreg for your quick reply,

It the “Database” node itself, I attached a simple vvvv patch if it’s can help you…

Database problem (9.2 kB)

Hi evverybody,

Does anyone have an idea ?

Thanks by advance

Hi again !

Sorry to insist, I’m just frustated to be forced to work with the previous vvvv version :)

If you could you just tell me if you have the problem when you open the patch or if you think I’m doing something wrong … ?

Thanks for your help

Hi again.

I tryed to use vux module but it’s not working with MySQL database.

Is there another way to connect vvvv to MySQL or should I use the beta 26 forever ?

I would really appreciate any answer, just to know which way I need to follow.

thank you, fixed for beta>27. try newest alpha if you can’t wait for beta release.

Hi Elias,

Thanks a lot for that fix :), you make me happy today !

Thanks also to julien (vux) who help me too.

Nice vvvv team !