Data Visualization

What do you want to learn in this workshop?
all about data visualization with vvvv.
reading/downloading data, filtering, basic algorithms, high quality rendering, export, etc.

Do you want the workshop to focus more on technical aspects/skills or on creative experiments and output?
creative experiments

How long do you want the workshop to be?
(Standard formats are 3h or 2x 3h but other formats may be possible)
3h or 2x 3h

Do you have an idea who you want to host the workshop?


Hi @mino!

I’ve made few data visualization projects in past, made in VVVV. I would love to cover this workshops.

At Expo Milan 2015, we made a huge projection displaying real-time data from the store interactions. It was six WUXGA projectors running from one machine.

Google eye is 3D printed sculpture visualizing Google Analytics data.

Dataviz does not always need to be rendered, I’ve made this with drone contribution from @woei and bitcon exchange plugins I wrote.

hi @id144!
thanks for interesting to my request. you did lots of cool projects!
could you cover big data visualization, too? i mean, reading GB size file with threading, drawing over 100,000 polygons in 30/60fps, downloading realtime data from network, etc.

Let me reply with a video, it’s an async pointcloud loader. Drawing milions of polygons or points is nowadays not a big deal.


@id144 sounds good, please create a proposal for that workshop.