Data handling N to M search


little issue here.

i have two spreads, first is filled with around 10k of entries (strings), the second one is filled with 3-8 entries (strings). Now my noobish problem is that i want to search all entries from the second spread and get the index if the entry is found in there (to turn effects on / off). which means i want to have something that tells me for each of the entries of the first spread which entry equals in the second entry.

i have tried to use =(string) but this is not working because of the diffrent spread sizes (else i would use select to get the index). is there a node that can do that or do i have to make me a if else list?


Try GetIndex(String) from elektromeier -
Beyond this - try with Compare (String)

regards chmee

i think sift (string) should do it

to give u a better understanding what i want to have (more or less)

eample.v4p (2.4 kB)

as sebl said, Sift (String) does exactly this.