Data from vvvv to flash

Hi Folks!

I hava a problem with communication between
flash and the TCP-serverobject in vvvv.
I don´t know whether it´s a problem of this weird policy file procedure; in fact pushing data from flash via the “XMLSocket”-object to vvvv is no problem: I got data at the output pin of the TCP-serverobject. So long.

The main thing is: I wanna put data from vvvv to flash!
I´ve tried the Server.v4p Patch from Martin in the modules section; but it still don´t work!
Which value´s I have to choose? That´s the thing I´ve tried:

// in flash;“xmlsocket://localhost”);

// and in the answer
{allow-access-from domain=“localhost” to-ports=“4444” /}

What´s my fault?! Please help!
Are there other possibilities getting data from vvvv to flash?

(By the way: Since a couple of days the FlashRenderer of vvvv won´t work any more. I´ve installed the 8.5 flashplayer. Could that be the reason?)

wag’u’jack | nnnnewbie


after reinstalling flash/flashplayer the flashRenderer works now; maybe there´re some problems with version 8.5 !?
Anyway, for the moment I´m working well with the flashRenderer.
But If anybody knows how to change data in both ways between flash and the TCP-serverobject: let me know!



i had very good experience by using flosc
flosc is a java gateway between flash and OSC

communication is bidirctional

you flash app is talking via xml to the gateway.



flosc is a good choice for glueing vvvv and flash via OSC->OSC/XML, but I experienced some major hits about performance.

Even replacing flash XML parser the lag between data reception and rendering makes things impossible to use in a real-time environment.

kiilo: any hints?


what about using the flashrenderer and getting and setting variables directly?