Dark theme please

I am so happy that gamma have darkmode, even by default! Thanks.

I’d like to have a dark mode option for the website, it is getting more and more common all around the web, even at the competing website: vvvv - visual live-progamming for .NET
If not the whole website, then at least the forum.

I found this StylishThemes/Discourse-Dark: 🏛️ Darken Discourse forums (github.com) that works, but it would be great if I didn’t have to install user styles.


You should check out Darkreader


nice one!

I am using Darkreader now, but it has one big drawback, It is very difficult to see the difference between read and unread posts in the overview.

EDIT: the difficult to read thing was the Stylish Themes/Discourse-Dark, NOT darkreader. darkreader makes it easy to distinguish between read and unread

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