Damper Rotation

Hi! Working on progressive rotation, I’m trying to convert an immediate rotation in a gradual, smooth animation

this work but I have an unwanted effect of shrinking of the cube during the rotation. Do you have any idea about how to avoid this?

here you got the patch

ProgressiveTransform.v4p (18.5 kB)

how does it look with AspectRatio(Transform) attached to the AspectRatio input on the renderer with the renderer resolution as input?

Sorry I try to explain better… problem appear during rotation. The Damper try to perform a smooth linear transition between two transformation matrix… while starting point and ending point are ok, in the between there is a transformation matrix that deform the cube


using Decompose (Transform Vector) >> Damper (Animation) >>Transform (Transform 3d Vector)

I got no deformation any more, but the final transformation are pretty chaotic
e.s. sometime x rotation works good, but each 3rd go in opposite direction for 270 degrees… combination of x,y and z are even worst :(

ProgressiveTransform2.v4p (19.1 kB)

There is this node called Rotate (Transform Successive Vector), should work for you, and if not, it is a module, look inside to understand the magic.

Nice idea with the pillow texture :)

ProgressiveTransform3.v4p (10.2 kB)

yes I did find the idea there.
Problem is that it works with progressive increment!
I’m working on something like Rubik Cube, so every rotation must be 0.25 (90 degrees)

thanks anyway!

have a look: if you perform a X rotation on your patch, then every Z and Y rotations are around same Axes!!! (Z I think)
can someone explain me why!?!?!?!?! I’m gonna got crazy

this is called ‘gimbal lock’ and happens with Euler angles. google it, big topic in computer graphics.