Damper equations?

Does anyone know the equations/algorithm used by the VVVV Damper node? I am interesting in borrowing its behaviour for a C project.

thats gregsns paper about it: Oscillator Math

oh, unfourtunately the pictures are missing, maybe gregsn will upload it again…

Thanks. Looks great if it had the pictures.

A bit of experimentation suggests that the damper is a simple critically damped system of the type written up here.

not well formated but with all the info…

hope that helps. ah and please tell me of your project!

the differential equation from wikipedia can be calculated efficiently by a Runge-Kutta integrator. plus you can add a disturbing function (ie value input). i can send you a java code, should be easy to convert to C…

Thanks. I had done a very crude approximation so an RK implementation would be better. I would be interested to see the Java. Perhaps you could attach it to the forum?


ok, have to clean up first, tomorrow…

here it is. you have to set c1 and c2. they are the coefficients of x’ and x from this equation:

instead the 0 you set some force function in the ‘stoer’ method.
edit: download below

Thanks a lot. That is good fun.

I might well borrow your R-K implementation.

that was an exercise from my study. maybe i make a R-K node for vvvv, if i find a senseful input/output definition, which is a good generalization. here is it again with a better html for the applet:

Uebung03.zip (12.4 kB)