Damper Algorithm

Hi guys, someone knows where I can found the damper algorithm (the one inside the “Damper” node)?

devvvvs must know…
…gregsn? :)


I remembered some one else asked that before:

Post about: Damper equations?

Hope it helps (I don’t understand that stuff ;) )

Thanks West!
now i’ll try to work out something from this mathematic material…



dottore has new lecture.
lets wait for the results…


hey dottore!

i uploaded the mathematica notebook:


you can open it with the freely avaliable mathematica player app.

note that the confusing parts are not from me. mathematica put them in the paper by itself… ;) don’t hesitate to ask and don’t expect that i can answer them still ;)

tnx gregsn, unfortunately i didn’t payed enought attenction during math lessons in my high school… ehehehe, however I’ll try my best.
If i find problems I ask the real doctors. :D

@Kalle :)