Damaged patch

Hi people,

In beta18, I had a strange bug during which I couldn’t save anymore. I fixed errors in both xml and v4p files but most of nodes in my patch have disappeared and v4p file refuses to open.
Does anybody know where this problem could come from?

Many thanks,

often it is some content in any string input pins containing “special characters”

open your .v4p files with notepad (or better XML Marker) and delete those contents if they contain strange looking symbols.

another way:

create a brandnew patch (CTRL-P) and see if you you can save this empty patch.

if you had success with that, copy/paste a part of your damaged patch into the new one and check if you still can save it.
then repeat this procedure with the next selection of nodes.

this way you can isolate the “broken nodes”.

if you found the malefactor try to reset this one via ALT-rightclick.

just yesterday i found a hung-up GetSlice (Node) this way.

what also happened to ele and me is that v4 seemingly doesn’t finish writing the v4p resulting in some missing links and nodes and especially the missing tag at the end.

open up a new patch, parse the file with a reader (file) - let tidy (xml) check for xml errors

Hi kalle, thanks for replying,

I didn’t find any strange symbole nor in the main patch or the subpatches. I just found (4 or 5 times) “ll” as value for renderstate in phongdirectional shader; I also copied the patch as several parts, everytime I succeded saving the copy.

I think I left to remake the patch following xml file!
Thanks anyway, I learned something!


Hi woei thank you, I didn’t know that way to check xml’s!

Unfortunately, tidy doesn’t return any message (in xml output type, but in xhtml it returns several errors).

I am also having this problem in beta 19/19.1

Sometimes the saving just breaks down and when you save the patch is still marked as not saved. The files saved are incomplete with parts of the patch not included and tags left open so they don’t open in vvvv. You can salvage the parts of the patch that has been saved by opening the file in a text editor and manually adding missing closing tags.

This is a really critical bug since it leaves you with any previously saved patch overwritten with an incomplete one and no way I can think of to save, it seems to break copy/paste too so you can’t try to copy to a new patch and save that.

another personal thing:

avoid using CreateEnum (Enumerations) and all related nodes.

i accuse them causing nonreproduceable bugs and strange phenomenons.

Good to know, thanx kalle