not that i am in the desperate need for it right know, but out of interest - is there a way or module to make vvvv talk to DALI?



hi Aksel,

what you can do for sure is:

tell me when you need to know more

hi kalle,

sounds interesting - thanks for the soundlight-link, i’ll check. looks like they are exactly the guys to ask shop things related to hardware for dmx lighting.

thanks a bunch, aksel

soundlight is sometimes expensive.
there are lots more suppliers for DMXstuff.

spamming for me:
i myself have some experience with DMX.
whatever questions you have, ask me!

I am dutch, understood only 10% from that DALI link.

But to me it just looks like a new protocol to control light.
I would stick with DMX, just because it is the standard and there is soo much to get for it. (but this argument doesn’t realy count).

Why you want to talk ‘DALI’, the website http://www.dali-ag.org gives sooo little information, it scares me.

Kalle is my DMX hero, if he doesn’t know it… good luck!

DALI is mostly used for dimming fluorescent lamps and is a pretty lame protocol (1200 baud)

Some more info about DALI here:

and a kind of technical description here (3,7 MB):

DALI was developed from DSI (Digital Serial Interface)

comparison between both protocols and 1-10V here (sorry,german):

and very interesting also (also german):

hi kalle,

i understand there is a module in vvvv to adress the soundlight usbdmx device. do you think the device would as well work with other vendors usbdmx devices, or won’t that work for sure? i think ecue or kwl are selling those as well if i remember correctly. i think even soundlight offers multiple versions of usbdmx. as they are not that cheap, i would want them to talk well ;)

thanks a lot, aksel.

Don’t ask me why, but I have found that every vendor has it’s own method off communicating with the USB port, so I doubt it.

There is also Enttec USB Pro and DMX4all (both have a working patch here on the forum) Don’t know the Ecue, but if it uses a virtual comport driver, i could be accesed with the RS232 node.

They come for arround 100 euro’s.

It seems that Soundlight themselves buy that Interface as a PCB from Sunlite and only mount the housing. The PCB looks very much like the one to be seen here. and when installing the Soundlight Interface a driver SIUDI_EC.INF loads…

Apparently many more manufacturers sell products based on these drivers.

When you are looking for CHEAP interfaces don’t even think about ecue and kwl.
eCue has for sure own developed boards and will NOT work with the DMX (Devices) SoundLight USBDMX.

The cheapest you can get are from DMX4ALL. but i only recommend this when you want to control max. ~100 channels. Otherwise the performance gets too lame.