Cylinder Projection?

Hi everybody

I want to project a picture via beamer onto a large cylinder. Does anyone know how I can do that in vvvv. Do I have to map a FileTexture onto a Cylinder? But that soesn’t seem to work.


yes, thats the supposed way of doing this. rebuilt your physical scene within vvvv as a model and replace the physical projector with a virtual camera.

what kind of problems do you encounter?

i think there are some texture mapping issues with the current cylinder node. perhaps you should build your own cylinder with indexedtriangles or a grid

Today we just want to try if it is possible to project a Picture onto a quarter Cylinder we did build here.
So can’t I just build a cylinder node and map a picture on it? I just don’t knwo how to map onto a cylinder node.
Or is there another way of building a cylinder wth vvvv?


i have done this some time ago. its a cylinder build upon the “Grid”-Node. by default texture is mapped one time arround the cylinder. just open the help patch to see a short example… i hope its somehow useful for you.

hello !

what about using a .x directx object Cylinder ?
i’ve just tried to import a cube.x and texture it.
It works but textures becomes transparent.
How can i fix it ?

(i apologize for being a newbie)

hey newemka,

your picture looks like you are using the wrong blend mode and/or the depth buffer pin of your Renderer (DX9) is not on …