Cylinder (DX11) Radius bug


Cylinder (DX11) has (I believe) false behaviour regarding its ‘Radius 1’ and ‘Radius 2’ inputs. When changing only Radius 1, both ends of the cylinder change size. In this example I’m only changing the value of Radius 1:

To have the behaviour I want, I need to half my value for Radius 2 and then divide this by Radius 1, like so:

Then changing R1 and R2 respectively looks like this, which I think is desired behaviour:

Found now this also doesn’t work as wanted. The values for R1 then do only influence R1 as wanted, but they are always off by some amount. Couldn’t figure exactly what was going on and found a workaround that will leave R1 always on 1 and then scale the whole thing afterward: that’s the place for bug report

Ah, nice, didn’t know that. Will report there, thx

if you find the bug in the code, you can of course also make a pull request there…

yeah I figured, will do that when I find the time.

Fixed by vux.


vux is the fastest…

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