Cut string

I want to cache a RS232 input string, but don’t konw how limit my string cache. Do I have to regEx?

Example attatched.

comtest.v4p (5.3 kB)

found out the regex would look like this


the first 50 characters, right?

hi beedee , i don,t know what you want to do but you might be looking for Tokenizer node

I tried the tokenizer but did not get the result I was looking for: (get last XX number of characters read from the RS232.

My try with the regex worked, but it is getting a bit busy until the small patch takes ~99% performace. I also tried to include the mainLoop patch but it did not help.

Example attatched.

Thanks for your help.

comtest.v4p (9.2 kB)

Tokenizer is realy the node that helps you with good RS232 recieving. Read this thread, (the last post from oschatz) it is about Arduino, but should work for most RS232 devices. What Device are you working with?

Ok, I think I used this once but I did like the concat of the whole string more. I think tokenizer splits the string with a delimiter.

I think the people on the other side use a C-Control Basic.

I have a seconds look at the tokenizer…

get last XX number of characters

i’d do it this way. see patch

another possibility would be the use of Scroll (String)

SplitUp (String).v4p (13.9 kB)