Custom windows with the vvvv-sdk are way too sticky

Lately I have fiddled with the custom gui possibilities offered by the sdk. As many of you know, any plugin that inherits UserControl will get assigned a window, to put in more gui stuff.

There is a behaviour that just does not seem right. For a test, create two Template (GUI) and open both windows without moving either.

The two windows now stick together, there is no way in vvvv to get them appart from each other. They now move, hide and reappear in sync, even when I decidedly only want to see a specific one of those by right clicking its corresponding gui element.

What seems missing is a way to close individual windows with Alt+3, instead of hiding them all at once.

Please fix.

huh, sorry for late,

what you see here is the vvvv default behavior: two windows with exactly the same size at the exact same position are docked together. you can undock them using ALT+drag in the area next to the tabs.

i see there is a little glitch with ALT+3 as long as the windows are docked but when you undock them you can of course deal with them independently.

oh, i suspected there is a hidden secret. thx