Custom Serializer for Spread<T>

Hi Serializers,

(based on the helppatch HowTo Register Custom Serializer.vl)

Is there a way to provide a custom Serializer for Spread that produces the what i want result from the screenshot?

I can patch around, but i want the custom serializer do that job when he’s getting called.

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maybe it’s not possible because c# always serializes to XML which doesn’t allow an array on top level?


.NET 6 introduced System.Text.Json.JsonSerializer which as the name suggests directly serializes JSON.
a quick c# test with a System.Collection.Generics.List of structs yields the result you want and i guess spread should look the same.

there are also a couple of blogposts by msft on how they spend time to optimize serialization performance on that JsonSerializer.


@woei is it only accessible by “adding .NET Framework Assembly” in a patch for now?

yes, CTRL-Shift-E > add System.Text.Json and then you can use it

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