Custom SDF in Fuse

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How can I do my own, custom SDF’s in fuse? Say, I wish to build my own SDF sphere and raymarch it, how would I do it? I think that it should be something along these lines, but it’s not working as expected. The sphere is flat:

Would there be a gentle soul to help me out and show me the path to enlightenment ?

hi there!

here is a nice tutorial if you want to get into raymarching: Ray Marching for Dummies! - YouTube

sdf functions here on grand masters (IQ) page

I did not use the “step” node before, but the step function should be in the raymarch node itself already. you already got the sphere, but without correct uvs I believe.

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Seems you have to “specify” ~Domain as FunctionParameter.

CustomSDF.vl (115.8 KB)

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hi schlonzo and bjoern - thanks a lot , that was really helpful!