Custom Scripting method for build automation

We are looking to produce exe. builds of our VVVV applications using conventional CICD methods, and as a result would intend to script this for unattended building.

We would like to be able to write a script that allows us to convert the project to c# solution (as the export button currently does) then build the c# solution.


Good one, this was requested a few times already. It would indeed be really nice for TeamCity, GitHub actions etc.

  • start vvvv.exe with a specific command line argument
  • patch loaded, but stopped and without editor (doesn’t need to run on the build machine)
  • project file gets generated
  • Built by vvvv or command line
  • Errors get logged
  • vvvv exits

bump, also interested in this!

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see also: Standalone Exporter