Custom enumerations in module

i am trying to patch a module with a few enumeration inputs. i’ve managed to create the enum lists and inputs with help from @west’s create enum tutorial, but i have a problem: whenever i close the module and re-open it, the enum lists (the list of choices in the input) is broken. it’s been this way in every beta i’ve tried, up to and including 25.1.

how do i create custom enumerations as part of a redistributable module? i guess i need to have the createenum-(enumerations) and null-(enumerations) nodes present in the module?

the way i have tried to make it is the same as in the tutorial (i can post the patch if anyone wants to see it?). sometimes, entries from other enums that are present in the patch show up even before a close/reopen. and, even if i feed a spread of say, 3 strings to createenum-(enumerations), the Item Count might show something more, like 5. in this case, the extra entries will be from another enum.

cue kalle telling you that enums are horribly broken in 3…2…1

he’s right, though, in b25 even non-selfmade enums are broken. cost me half an hour just before my last performance to find that the midi device enum was broken, resulting in my self-patched logic for recognizing plugged-in controllers going bonkers. :-(
can has fix pls?

95% of your enum problems should be fixed with - irconically - vvvv 25.1

thanks dep for last minute reporting of some special cases.

  • duplicate createenum didn’t work, cause new enum has same name as that of the other createenum

  • reselecting another enum with null didn’t work when all connections were already drawn, like in the help patch, since the enum was fixed to the already selected enum

please use enums and report further. enums are nice from now on…

thanks. :-)
i didn’t mean to “moan”, btw; sry if it came across as such. (if that remark was aimed at me :-) )

alright, awesome! i’ll try again with the new release tomorrow and report back :)

okay, enums seem to work now! great (here’s what i needed them for :)

i could still find one teensy gripe: if i have an IOBox Enum shown in inspektor, with >1 input slice expanded into the right hand side, and i change one of them, it changes correctly but the inspektor window right hand side does not get updated (left hand side does). as i said, VERY small issue :D