Custom Datatypes - think ParticleSystem

thank you for explanation, fixed.D

Quick notes testing with beta37 (differences from video):

  • Double click doesn’t create input/output pins automatically (but can choose that as an option in the NodeBrowser which works).
  • A few more options appear in the Patch type
  • Error ‘Type parameters are not allowed in non-generic patches’ shows up at some points (ignoring so far)
  • Particle output on Update node wasn’t showing (switching the patch to ‘Class’ then back to ‘Record’ fixed this)
  • Had to right click to select ‘Generic’
  • RectangleAnchor should be set to Center
  • Configure -> Show Apply on the Clear node
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that is the problem with video tutorials that they get outdated over time. so thanks @elliotwoods for following up on this which can hopefully ease confusion for future watchers.

Thanks for this tutorial Joreg!
This answered many of my questions in VL

good to hear, thanks!