Custom BlendMode for Particle Systems

I have a particle system where each particle is emitted with a custom color.

When rendering with SpriteRenderer, that color is being used. However, there is no way to easily control the blend mode (e.g. Blend, Additive).
@tonfilm helped me in channel by showing me a way to clone and tweak the ImposterRenderer instead to allow custom Materials (which in turn allow custom BlendModes), but that lost me the ability of individual colors per particle.

I seem to lack necessary internal FUSE knowledge to get it to work, so I want to ask again in the forum, how this should be done properly.

test3.vl (159.8 KB)

The patch has the stock SpriteRenderer demonstrating the colored version, and the custom ImposterMaterialRenderer which is supposed to expose the transparency blend mode as an input pin, and still use the particle color attribute (broken atm).

yes, that would be interesting for me too!