Curret frame

Hey … PD user here. I realy strugle with vvvv but it seems fantastic.
Right Now i can’t find how to get “curret frame” od video … Not “frames displayed” … I am jumping in video by “time seek” And “frames displayed” sets to “0” when i jump.

Thank you very much for any help.

hi @Nic nice to see a PD user dropping by.

first of all the vvvv graph works quite different than the PD graph. in PD the nodes get ‘triggered’ by the input pins (push based).

this is different in vvvv, since we come from video and graphics, we have a global mainloop that executes all nodes once per frame. in each global frame the nodes below pull data from the nodes above (pull based). so there is no rule like in PD that nodes to the left or right trigger before or after. in vvvv the graph itself orders the execution. this is also the reason why in vvvv and input pin can have only one incoming connection.

what kind of video player are you using? and what kind of video codec is the file?

Hey … thanks alot …

i am using FileStream -> VideoTexture -> Quad -> Renderer

and the file is .Avi - Codec “CRAM” but i created the video myself so i can render the way i want it.
Its +45min and resolution is 720x480 and i need FrameRate at 50fps.

I just need Current frame of video+audio and be able to jump in video back and front.
(thats why PD cant hadle it)

I am sorry if its stupid question but i cant find out how to do it … really frustrating.
Thank you very much.

if the video is 50fps then the frame number is 50 * VideoPosition. and the seek time is SeekFrameNr / 50.

I did that but since the “VideoPosition” is not refreshed every 1sec/50 the round off number (of current frame) skips some frames … i need them all … and very precisely.

and when i divide “timePosition” every time “FrameDispalyed” change … rounding of numbers still skips some frames.

for that you need a video codec with progressive frames, for example MJPG or HAP with the HAP player. CRAM seems to be a video codec from 1992, if that is right.

or use an image stack with the Player node.

Maybe using image stacks instead of Video files is an option too?

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