Cumulative sum in spreads?

Is there a good way to get a cumulative sum from a spread? From {1,3,5,2} I’d like to get {1,4,9,11} back. It’s a simple enough thing to write a small plugin and that’s what I did, but I am kinda curious for curiosity’s sake if there’s some good way to do it with the nodes available. I suppose you could do something horrible with frame delayed loops and spectral sums but that’s silly given the ease of writing the plugin. Is there some good way to do it in one frame? There’s gotta be and I’m just not familiar enough with VVVV to see it.

There is a node for that: integral (spreads) :)

Ah - thanks Westbam! I figured VVVV couldn’t have gone this long without creating a node for this but i wouldn’t have thought to look under “integral” for it. I’m always learning!