Cues stacking?

ok, this is more a philosophical question.

How vvvv users are creating their cues stack ( with time operator, go and bang generating ?)
i mean how do you handle a complex theatre or dance installation, with different type of patchs?

I was thinking of writting a little app in C, entering in udp inside of a vvvv patch:
banging, setting values to a precise number (set slice), and sliding values from 0 to 1 (or -1 1) with timing.

your advices, your patches are welcome !
if you are interrested by an external exe were to record cues and pilot vvvv like this, just drop me what would be the best configuration for you ( 10 set value, 6 bangs, 6 sliders for ex?)

many people have used a set of columns of IOBoxes connected to GetSlice nodes to archive what you want. The main advantage is that you can easily insert computational parts or multi level abstractions within your timeline, but i agree for a strict timeline or cue-based approach its sometimes a quite tediuous process.

On the other side the timeliner dll (which is fully based on an open source c# code) is in principle doing most of the things you want. the user interface just might not be optimized to fit your needs.

the main advantage of a plugin-based solution is, that you can define named parameters (tracks) of different data types from within the gui, and have them usable as pins from the vvvv patch which surrounds the timeline. this is a very important usability advantage, which is quite difficult to achieve with an simple EXE/UDP communication solution.

in fact basing your project on the existing timeliner code would give many exciting possibilities, as i feel your mainly need extensions of the interface.

and if you have already mastered the many quirks of C and raw UDP, writing a plugin in C# is a piece of cake.

hi oschatz,
thanks for the advice and the cake…
i will probably finish at one moment inside of C# !

is there anybody here that have a patch around here showing the managing of 2 or 3 different styles of events ? just to have a precise idea and seeing if i have the right view on the way to handle ( going in the way you have answered oschatz!)

bitte schon !