Cubic texture

Hi, the last beta is supposed to be able to create dynamic cubic textures right? How do you do that? The Cubic Texture pin still leaves me with a blank texturing…

hi o,

you may run start_with_demo.v4p (ie. girlpower\Kubus.v4p) to see the dynamic cubemap in action. if the sphere in there is blank your graphiccard may have problems…

Ok thanks! It s working but funny enough the pre-dxtexture renderer is completely black on alt-1, yet the final renderer works… weird?

not so weird. thats only because that renderer has no camera attached. see?

I promise that from my point of view still looks if not weird at least unfathomable .)

if no camera is connected to a renderer it defaults to an orthographic projection with a near-plane of -1 and a far-plane of 1. defaults that work good for when you work in 2d only.

in the patch there is nothing around the center of the coordinate system, hence the renderer doesn’t show anything. in fact it is only there for the DX9Texture (EX9.Texture) to run, since that cannot directly take a layer.

OK let’see, if I open the Renderer as it is, as you mentioned, there is just an orthographic view with a shallow DOF, but the Cubic shader does make transformations (I suppose they are some kind of Texture Transform) so that it seeks through the texture and retrieve the necessary data… right?


there is no DOF (depth of field - thats when the depth gets more blurry). the (simple) magic is all in the DX9Texture (EX9.Texture) which instead of rendering one image renders 6 images for each of which it takes a FOV (field of view - the cameras opening angle) of 90° and each of which is in one of the 6 directions of a cube. thats why the dx9texture only needs a Position and no other camera-parameters like view-direction and fov.

this results in a special 6-sided (cube) texture which the cubeshader knows to address correctly (via texturetransforms).

so again, the blank renderer is only there to make the dx9texture run and hand it some basic parameters, like backgroundcolor, size… it is not even rendering at all since its window is not visible.

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EDIT: is there a correct definition for what I meant with DOF, that would be the range between far and near plane?

probably the View Frustrum

i’ll come back to you…
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