Cube out of grids

Hi, does anyone know a quick way to make a cube out of six grids?

yeah, ive been trying the same but i still getting other results than what i want, i make this from quads, maybe works with grid too, the movement is in the camera…

jumping cube.v4p (10.9 kB)

hi guys you can take advantage of the great vvvv feature SPREADS so you need just one quad , regards

jumping cube.v4p (16.7 kB)

thumbs up colorsound!

and just as a remark:

…the upper border for a module would be the iobox (node)…

:D… no text …

lol, im having problems with spreads, i just dont understand enough but great… i want make fliying things, and wires growing, in a surreal scene with ambient and atmosphere changing…help?

a spread can be an spread?

how make spreadable thing?

how encapsulate patchs like this?

radioactive cube.v4p (26.9 kB)

Hi vladimir ,

a spread can be an spread?

yes you can have a spread of quads (a row) and make a spread of rows from the last row .

have a look at the UserTutorial
You,ll see there some interesting tutorial for your task surely , specially the Binsize and Spreding spreads . also reRead the Spreads , yes you probably did before but the second or third time you read , you find things that did not see in previous reads ,

how make spreadable thing?

Most nodes in vvvv are spreadable , you just need to take advantage of it . A Spread is a sort of Array .

how encapsulate patchs like this?

you mean making a subpatch , something like encapsulate in max/msp , there is not quick shortcut to do it , you have to do it manually subpatch or
Make it a module
woei made a module for making automatic subpatches have a look also CreateSubpatch

hope this info get any of your doubts a bit clearer

dont know about your first question

Saludos ;D

Hey ColorSound si hablas español mejor…jujuju

I know what those are obvious questions, i really mean for example to the Cylinder(dx9) node, if you right click on it you can see what is composed of a segment and a quad, i want make my own objects like that node and keep it for later, but Cylinder(dx9) when i try to spread it doesnt work well…if you understand spanish tell me!