Cube mapping- wrapping images

Im playing round and have wrote half a patch to pixel map to a cube, which is the easy part, the problem is how to map a video or an image to the cube, i created a moving ball effect in flash but cheated by creating it so that when the ball left one side of the “folded out cube” a second ball gave the illusion of flow, same with the top and bottom flaps. Is there a way around this using shaders to “join” the edges?
Its hard to explain but the patch may explain more.


3DCube.rar (53.0 kB)

maybe the patch at node08.workshop.VirtualArchitecture can help.

you could render a 3d scene 6 times (for the 6 sides of the cube) and then project the images back onto the cube.

if you want to try that don’t hesitate to ask for help.